As with any organization, the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville encounters some situations in which the advice and guidance of trained professionals may be necessary. This is especially true for the health care industry in which complex and strict legal and regulatory requirements protecting patient rights and safety, as well as physicians and the university as a whole must be interpreted and up held.

The university has two Offices of General Counsel - one in Gainesville and one in Jacksonville - responsible for legal matters that may arise on the respective campuses.

The Jacksonville Office of General Counsel maintains a diverse legal practice that is primarily based on the variety of health care, legal and regulatory, issues inherent in any organization of similar size and purpose. The offices' staff provides services to the UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville and its related corporate support entities, UF Jacksonville Healthcare, Inc. and UF Jacksonville Physicians, Inc.

The Senior University Counsel for Health Affairs – Jacksonville maintains a full-time presence on the Jacksonville campus as a representative of the UF Office of General Counsel located in Gainesville.